Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Choices we make, Part I

My professor, Nicolas Ellen, who is NANC certified and is a graduate of DTS and a near graduate of The Master's college gave a lecture on the choices we make and how they effect our lives. The outline he handed out in class is found below.

"The Thoughts of Your Heart Are exposed by Your choices"
Luke 6:43-45

1. The thoughts of your heart determine the choices of your life.

2. The thoughts of your heart lead you either to please God or to please self.

3. you cannot be self-centered in your thinking and produce God pleaseing results.

4. You cannot be God-centered in your thinking and produce self-centered results.

5. When the thoughts of your heart God-centered you will walk in love for God and a love for others.

6. When the thoughts of your heart are self-centered you will walk in selfishness towards God and others.

7. Your words tend to expose whether you life is God-centered of self-centered.

8. What your treasure in the thoughts of your heart will be exposed in the way you handle God, people, possessions, power, prestige, pleasure, or positions of authority.

9. The choices you have made towards God, family, friends, and others has revealed the true nature of your heart.

10. Who we are is not based on what others think of us, do to us, or do for us.

11. Who we are is exposed by what we think of others, what we do to others, and what we do or don't do for others.

I have found in my own walk with God that what I sow I also reap. If I walk through the day thinking just about what I need to get done and give no thoughts to God's wonderful majesty and his compassion then when someone cuts me off in traffic or does me wrong I will not respond in a loving manner. I have spent the entire day thinking about me and what I need to do to get things done, so when someone does me wrong I will react in anger because hey they are threatening the most important thing. Me and my happiness. But if I am filled with the Spirit and I continue to pray and speak to God throughout the day when that moment comes I am filled with him and I respond in such a way that is God honoring because I have God's interest on my heart and his glory is at stake and not my own.